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Ended 07/30/17 6:15 AM GMT
Winner: tigger3 (See the full results)

1st place
Tunnel Vision by tigger3

Nikoneer: Now is this an individual channel for water under a bridge, or part of a set of them, rather like a Roman aqueduct? And I do think this one would be better for the contest, more of a closer interpretation of point-of-view and vanishing points.


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2nd place
Getting An Eiffel Looking Up by gr8fulted

GomekFlorida: Nice perspective!

LynEve: A splendid capture ! Perfect for the contest.
I have stood right there and looked up and now can imagine being back there again. Am excellent eyeful of the Eiffel:)

Nikoneer: I just tried to look at the other one of yours in my Friends list, "You Even Get An Eiffel Looking Straight Up", but it's been removed. I'm guessing it was a slightly different version of this one? But you liked this one more?

A little more history: Gustave Eiffel also built the Statue of Liberty, chosen to replace the original builder of choice after the man died in 1879.


gr8fulted received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
"Crossing the Arno River" by icedancer

trixxie17: Excellent perspective Pat - would be a good entry for the POV contest.

corngrowth: Pat, congratulations for your 3rd place in the 'Point Of View' contest.
Very well done, my friend!

koca: Oh, beautiful Italy. Nice shot.

4th place
Artist At Work by bfrank

Flmngseabass: Very creative and fun Frank!!! Appropriate perspective I would say:)

icedancer: Amazing creation and work, makes me feel like I'm right there working on the artwork

corngrowth: Frank, congratulations for your 4th place in the 'Point Of View' contest.
Very well done, my friend!

5th place
Take A Look by jerseygurl

LynEve: Congrats on your placement Laura ! :)

GomekFlorida: Great composition against the sky with puffy clouds. I am sure this is an awesome place to spot many different species of birds.

Ramad: It looks like a nice place for walking and resting. Well composed with the overhanging branches and the broad view Laura.